[WASHINGTON]–In response to recent allegations made by the Republican National Committee, Latino Victory Project President Cristóbal Alex has issued the following statement:

“We’re very surprised that the Republican National Committee is attacking Eva Longoria, who has done nothing more than support the movement to empower fellow Latinos nationwide throughout her career, and spur more to vote and engage in public service.  The question remains, why aren’t they doing everything they can to promote opportunities for the Latino community and work with the Latino Victory Project?  We’re saddened that the RNC has yet to reach out to see how we can best work together, preferring to issue statements and talking points from the sidelines.  We’re waiting for their call.

“Latino Victory Project, an organization whose sole purpose is to empower Latinos around the issues of increasing civic engagement and closing the leadership gap, aims to build up Latino communities so that our faces are reflected at every level of government. We also seek to support candidates dedicated to finding solutions on important issues that deeply impact our community like immigration, education, a clean environment, livable wages, voting access and access to quality health care. As we have said repeatedly, any candidate who shares these values, regardless of political party, shares in the mission of the Latino Victory Project.

“Had the RNC asked us for information that describes the difference between the roles of the founders of our organization and how our daily operations are handled, we would gladly share that information with them and other interested parties.  Henry Muñoz III and Eva Longoria are the co-founders of this historic effort.  They are the visionaries and architects behind this grassroots project.  Active board members and myself make political decisions including endorsements and candidate engagement, raise funds and manage Latino Victory Project’s daily operations.  As the first line of our mission states, the Latino Victory Project remains a non-partisan effort to build political power within our communities to ensure our voices are reflected in the decision-making process that drives our nation forward. We look forward to the exciting host of candidates sure to spring forth from all political parties as midterm season heats up, who support our mission.”