#thefirsts Robert Morales

My name is Robert Morales.

My parents came to the United States fleeing a civil war in El Salvador. I was
fortunate enough to be #thefirst in my family born in this country. Growing up, I watched my mother push her physical limits working long hours in room service, and thanks to her hard work and dedication, I gained an appreciation of a strong work ethic. I watched my father work graveyard shifts for 10 years and learned the value of a good education.THEFIRSTS Graphics

Because of my parents’ sacrifices, I became #thefirst in my family to get a bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors. I am #thefirst to be recruited to a major energy corporation.

I will continue my education by aiming to attend a top MBA program. I plan to shift my career towards developing sustainable energy sources for future generations. Deciding to focus on energy is a way for me to be a part of something that is bigger than myself. Energy is central to many economies as well as a major factor in an individual’s quality of life. By creating clean and innovative solutions, we can help ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

My story is similar to that of so many other Latinos in this country. We are products of sacrifice, hard work and perseverance. There is an enormous amount of potential in our community, and most of us just need some guidance.

It is critical for young Latinos to have a blueprint to follow, whether through the example of a personal mentor or seeing other Latinos in positions to create change. We must help uplift each other and show there are no limits to what our community can accomplish.

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