Ted Cruz Places Final Nail in the Coffin with Latinos 


Washington, DC – Yesterday, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz appointed anti-immigrant Member of Congress Steve King as a National Co-Chair for his campaign. This came days after the Cruz campaign released an insulting, demeaning and misguided ad about immigration in the United States.

President of Latino Victory Fund, Cristóbal J. Alex released the following statement: 
“Ted Cruz just placed the final nail in the coffin with Latinos. His immigration policies are dangerous for the Latino community, and his most recent appointment of anti-immigrant, “calves the size of cantaloupes” Steve King as national co-chair for his campaign is a slap in the face for Latinos. The road to the White House goes through the Latino community. Latinos are listening and Ted Cruz just proved once again that he is no different than Donald Trump and doesn’t deserve our vote.”

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