Washington, D.C. — This morning, House Democrats introduced the Dream and Promise Act — a bill that would provide deportation relief to some immigrants who had been targeted by President Trump’s deportation machine. The bill gives a permanent lawful status to DACA, TPS and DED recipients — programs that were eliminated or faced scrutiny by the Trump administration.

With Democrats controlling the United States House of Representatives, this bill is poised to pass; now, the attention turns to the Republican-controlled Senate and President Trump. If they truly care about the rule of law, protecting DACA recipients, and other immigrants who have legal immigration status, supporting the Dream and Promise Act is a no brainer.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support protecting DREAMers — 83 percent of voters support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, including 75 percent of Republicans.

“The ‘Dream and Promise Act’ that protects law-abiding immigrants whose livelihoods have been threatened by President Trump and his deportation machine wouldn’t have been possible if Democrats hadn’t flipped the House of Representatives last November,” said Latino Victory Fund Communications Director Javier Gamboa. “Now all eyes are on Senate Republicans and Trump on whether or not they will support this critical immigration bill, especially since some have hinted that they would support protections for DACA recipients. Congressional Republicans and President Trump failing to support the ‘Dream and Promise Act’ would send a clear message that Republicans don’t have the best interests for the Latino and immigrant communities. Elections matter, and the only way to pass protections for hardworking immigrants is by taking back the Senate and the White House.