Washington DC — Cristóbal J. Alex, President of the Latino Victory Fund, issued the following statement in response to white supremacist and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke’s attempt to silence our community:

“The electoral race for California’s 34th congressional district represents the future that we are working towards: a competitive field of progressive Latinos working to get our communities to the polls. The idea of more Latinos in office representing our community is Steve Bannon, Steve King, and David Duke’s worst nightmare.
“While we have chosen not to endorse a candidate in this race, it’s important that we stand up for one of our own when they are attacked by white supremacists. We know that it is hard enough to run for office as a woman, and we know that it is even harder as a Latina, an activist, and a formerly undocumented person. Keep sharing your story and keep being unapologetic. We got your back, Wendy.”