Washington DC — Cristóbal J. Alex, President of the Latino Victory Fund, issued the following statement in response to Trump’s first budget proposal:

“Donald Trump’s proposed budget is immoral. Rather than investing in long-term solutions to take on our country’s most urgent challenges, his budget prioritizes wealthy military contractors and allocates $4.5 billion dollars for his infamous border wall and his deportation force. Trump’s budget proposal punishes low-income Latino families all across the country who rely on the Community Development Block Grant Program and affordable housing and rental assistance. His plan also punishes Latinos looking to become first-time home buyers, preventing them from building economically sustainable lives for their families.

“Now we can confirm that Trump vigorously lied to his supporters when he promised to help rebuild the middle class. His budget proposal cuts important programs designed to provide upward mobility and security like Meals on Wheels, LegalAid, housing assistance for veterans, heating assistance programs, work-study programs, and job training programs designed to help families, just to name a few. We urge our elected officials to stand up for Latino working families and defend us against the damage Trump is proposing to institutionalize.”