WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, as part of the “Stand up to Hate” campaign, SEIU, Mi Familia Vota, NPNA, iAmerica, UFCW, Unite Here and Latino Victory Foundation released a public service announcement featuring Congressman Luis Gutiérrez encouraging lawful permanent residents to become citizens now.
You can view the PSA here.
Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez said, “We have seen it the past and we are seeing it again many times over this year: when immigrant communities feel they are under attack they react with a large number of eligible immigrants becoming citizens and a large number of eligible citizens becoming voters.  It is a predictable, emotional, and energetic response to protect their families and communities and it is also a refreshing shot in the arm for democracy across the country.”
 The “Stand up to Hate” campaign is working to increase naturalization rates by holding citizenship workshops and clinics throughout the country to help remove the barriers that keep eligible immigrants from naturalizing.
In the month of March, the groups that make up the “Stand up to Hate” campaign helped over 6,000 of people with naturalization, and held 85 events.
“This election cycle has presented some of the most hateful rhetoric and demonizing policy positions of our time. And there is no better way to fight hate than by helping people become citizens, registering them to vote and engaging them in our democracy,” said Cristóbal Alex, President of Latino Victory Foundation. “The “Stand up to Hate” campaign is committed to empowering eligible immigrants and ensuring that their strength is felt in November and their voice is heard loud and clear.”
Rocío Saenz, iAmerica Action President, SEIU International Executive Vice President said, “Republican candidates have drawn a line on the sand with their hateful politics against immigrant families. Latino and immigrant communities are not ignoring it. From coast to coast, we continue to see hundreds of eligible legal permanent residents take their future in their hands and apply for citizenship. In Miami, close to 2,000 Latino, Afro-Caribbean and others took the next step and applied for citizenship in a mega citizenship clinic.  In Las Vegas, hundreds of Filipinos, Thai and Latinos also turned out to begin the process of naturalization. SEIU and iAmerica Action will continue to provide the necessary tools like citizenship workbooks, online resources, and micro-loans to help Latino and immigrant families make their mark in 2016 and beyond.”
“I can’t think of a better way to stand up to hate than to help hardworking immigrant families naturalize and register to vote. I’m excited that progressive elected officials like Luis Gutiérrez and grassroots community organizations are supporting our citizenship application workshops. The “Stand Up To Hate” campaign is helping thousands of immigrants across the country build political power and attain the rights they deserve,” said María Elena Durazo, General Vice President for Immigration, Civil Rights, and Diversity at UNITE HERE.
“From Las Vegas to New York, immigrant families in our coalition are stepping up and taking concrete steps to ensure their voices shut out hate in November and beyond,” said Tara Raghuveer, Deputy Director of the National Partnership for New Americans. “Supporters and grassroots groups across the country understand the importance of this moment for the lives of parents, children, brothers and sisters that make up our movement. The latest progress from the “Stand Up to Hate Campaign” is just the latest in an influx of strategic action combining organizing, empowerment and citizenship to eradicate hate from our democracy. Going forward, our groups and allies will build on the strength and energy on the ground until our victory sends a resounding message: Our families will not be intimidated with hate. We belong in this country and are the very essence of what makes America great.”
“We continue to witness how our community is reacting and mobilizing to the attacks and hateful rhetoric. Every week, we see unprecedented numbers in applications for naturalization, voter registrations and commitments to vote. The Latino community is ready and will make its voice heard through the ballots in November,” said Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota Education Fund.