Washington, D.C. — Today marks the 25th Anniversary of California’s Proposition 187, the 1994 anti-immigrant ballot initiative that sparked a movement in the Latino community, creating a lasting impact on Latino political power. The movement mobilized the Latino community, increased Latino representation in California’s government, which had a ripple effect on Latino political power nationwide.

Latino Victory Project Executive Director Mayra Macías issued the following statement in commemoration:

“Proposition 187 was a watershed moment for the Latino community. In the face of this attack, Latinos in the United States forged a national consciousness by realizing the value of its collective political power. A cadre of Latino elected officials and community leaders emerged from this fight, who, to this day, continue to fight for our equality and civil rights. These leaders transformed Latinos’ standing in the national political landscape–they gave us a voice. 

“Proposition 187 created more than a movement; it established a mobilization blueprint that has allowed our community to fight back every time we’re under attack. Its ripple effect will forever empower future generations. With Latinos facing an even more dangerous foe in President Trump, we find ourselves paying even more attention. Latinos will be the largest non-white voting bloc in the 2020 election, and the injustices forced upon our community will only spark another watershed moment that will force Trump out of the White House and hold accountable those who embolden him every day.”