In 2019, Latinas still make 54 cents for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men make

Washington, D.C. On Latina Equal Pay Day the day that marks how much Latinas had to work in order to make what their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts made the previous year Latino Victory Project Executive Director Mayra Macías issued the following statement: 

“On Latina Equal Pay Day, we are reminded once again that Latinas in the United States are some of the most disproportionately affected by the gender wage gap. This affront is fueled by systemic racism, and it has continued to impact millions of hardworking women across the country for far too long. Gender-based discrimination is real and should be eradicated. It is dumbfounding that in the richest country in the world, Latinas still make only 54 cents compared to white, non-Hispanic men. As we head into the most consequential election of our lifetime, we must hold our elected officials accountable and demand more of them to close the gender wage gap. 

Macías added, “We know that Republicans stand on the wrong side of history when it comes to women’s issues, and we won’t hold our breath for them to act. But as Democrats, we must be bold and propose policies that ensure women, especially women of color, are getting equal pay for equal work. 

“This is how we can achieve true equality in America.”