WASHINGTON D.C. — A recent harrowing report by the Southern Poverty Law Center exposed how White House advisor Stephen Miller promoted racist beliefs and showed an affinity for white nationalism. Miller also shared articles from the white supremacist websites VDARE and American Renaissance with right-wing publications. Joining a growing number of elected officials and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Latino Victory Project is calling for Stephen Miller’s resignation.

“It is unfathomable to think that in today’s day and age, two openly white nationalists and racists would be running the most powerful country in the world,” said Latino Victory Project Executive Director Mayra Macías. “Make no mistake that Donald Trump’s judgement day will come next November when we vote him out of office, but Stephen Miller should have never set foot in the White House, let alone dictate our nation’s immigration policy. This report exposes an inconvenient truth of Miller’s long-standing allegiance with white supremacists. He is an endangerment to our American values and has used his position to fan the flames of hatred towards immigrants and communities of color. Latino Victory Project joins the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in demanding Stephen Miller’s resignation.”