Las Vegas, NV – Latino Victory Project, American Bridge, VL Action Network, PLAN Action, the Culinary Union 226, Nevada’s Voice, local partners and dozens of taco trucks joined forces to register voters on the last day of voter registration in Nevada and formed a wall outside of Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel.

The taco trucks were a direct response to Marco Gutierrez, founder of the group Latinos For Trump, who disparaged Latino culture by saying it’s causing problems, and that if you don’t do something about it, “you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

“We want to welcome Mr. Trump to Vegas by registering Latinos, the same people that he insulted from day one of his campaign, to vote against him. Yesterday and today’s actions are further evidence that Latinos, workers, and immigrants stand together and that we’re ready to deliver for Hillary Clinton and those who stand by our community,” said Pili Tobar, Advocacy and Communications for Latino Victory Project. “Despite all the vitriol and hatred emanating from the Trump campaign, we’re going into tonight’s debate by saying loud and clear that we’re going high when they go low, and by celebrating our culture and building our own wall: one of delicious taco trucks as a symbol of our character and perseverance.”

“Donald Trump is not a friend to working families, women, seniors, or Latinos,” said Jessica Mackler, President of American Bridge. “Taco trucks have become a big and sometimes strange part of this election, so what better way to show Donald Trump millions of people think he’s unfit to be president than to build a wall of taco trucks outside his hotel? American Bridge is proud to be a part of bringing the Las Vegas community together to register voters, rally working families, and eat some delicious tacos.”

“Today the Culinary Union built a taco truck wall in front of the Trump hotel to remind Mr. Trump that we’re not going away,” said Yvanna Cancela, Political Director for the Culinary Union 226. “Workers fairly won their union election and it’s time for Mr. Trump to sit down and negotiate a contract. As people come into Las Vegas for this debate, they should remember that the road to the White House goes down the Las Vegas strip; our workers make this city and they will decide who makes it to the White House.”

“Our wall of taco trucks sent a clear message to Donald Trump: we have power and we aren’t afraid,” said Laura Martin, Associate Director, PLAN Action Fund. “We are showing our power in the streets, at the doors, and on Election Day. Trump may try to build a wall to keep families out of his version of america, but we’ll build a wall of votes around him to keep him out of the White House.”

“Divide and conquer may have been Trump’s ultimate goal but the hate that he has spread against our communities have actually made us stand together in solidarity because when our families are under attack we fight back,” said Viridiana Vidal, Nevada State Director for Nevada’s Voice. “Nevada does not and will not accept a man that attacks immigrants, women and veterans. Hundreds of people in several action across Las Vegas in the past two days only reflect the rejection and anger our community feels against Donald Trump.”

“Ahead of tonight’s debate, young Latinos stood together with immigrant rights, progressive, and labor leaders against Donald Trump’s constant racist, misogynist, and xenophobic attacks against our community,” said Maria Urbina, Vice-President of Politics and Campaigns for VL Action Network. “Our wall of taco trucks is to remind Trump of the countless contributions made by Latinos and immigrants to our country. We encourage Nevadans to take a stand against hatred by casting an early ballot this Saturday.”