Washington, D.C. – On September 21, 2017, Hurricane Maria touched down in Puerto Rico, leaving behind destruction that is responsible for severe damages to the island’s infrastructure, the displacement of millions, and the deaths of nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans. The Latino Victory Fund issues a statement:

Luis A. Miranda, Jr. Latino Victory Fund Chairperson of the Board of the Directors:
“The deadly impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico destroyed the country and unmasked the contradictions of the island’s colonial status. The hurricane revealed long-hidden truths about violations of the people of Puerto Rico’s right to just, fair, equal, and equitable treatment as U.S. citizens, and the right to self-determination that they have been denied throughout history. On the third anniversary of the hurricane, we remember and honor the memory of the thousands we lost. We salute and honor the resilience of local communities; we re-commit, here in the diaspora, to continue to raise awareness and work together toward finding justice for Puerto Ricans, and rebuild a stronger and better future.”

Nathalie Rayes, President & CEO of Latino Victory Fund:
“For three years, the people of Puerto Rico’s resilience have shone through the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria. As advocacy groups, community leaders, and elected officials continue pushing for resources for a full recovery for Puerto Rico, Latino voters must ensure they hold President Trump accountable for his cruel disregard for the lives of Puerto Ricans and for botching the federal response that could have saved lives. Our hearts are with the Puerto Rican community during this time of mourning and remembrance.”