Washington D.C. — Ahead of President Trump’s campaign rally in Dallas, Texas, — in a state where 76% of Texas Hispanics disapprove of Trump — Latino Victory Fund  Executive Director Mayra Macías issued the following statement:

“President Trump knows that the days of Republicans dominance in Texas are numbered because Hispanic voters are rejecting his harmful policies and broken promises.  Whether it be his efforts to take away people’s health care, or his anti-Latino rhetoric that has fueled an increase in gun violence against our community, Hispanics are tired of bearing the brunt of Trump’s attacks.

Macías added: After they lost 12 seats in the Texas House in 2018 and six Texas Republicans announced their retirement from Congress, Trump and Republicans are now being forced to invest significant resources to defend a once Republican stronghold all due in part to a growing Hispanic electorate. Make no mistake: Texas Hispanic voters will be a key reason why Texas turns blue and President Trump and Republicans are defeated.”

See for yourself:

Not even 100 days have passed since the deadliest mass shooting specifically targeting Latinos, yet, Trump is going back to Texas to spew anti-Hispanic hate while simultaneously trying to win their support. 

NBC News: “Democrats face off in Texas where Latinos are making the state a battleground” “The Hispanic vote grew 76 percent in Texas in 2018, and not only because of a population increase but also because a greater share of the larger Latino population went to the polls.” [NBC News, 09/11/19]

Univision News poll: “Democrats surge in Texas, no longer a safe state for Trump in 2020” “The Latino vote could be decisive. A large majority of Hispanics (69%) surveyed in the state said they intend to vote for the Democratic candidate, compared with 19% who plan to support Trump (also including undecided voters who are leaning one way or another).” [Univision, 09/10/19]

Houston Plains Public Radio: “Most Texas Latino Voters Fear Gun Violence Driven By Racism, Poll Finds” “Eighty-one percent of Latino voters in Texas are concerned about racism-motivated gun violence and that the Latino community might be targeted again in attacks similar to the mass shooting in El Paso, according to a survey sponsored by the gun control group Giffords and the progressive group Latino Victory Project.” [HPPR, 09/28/19]