Washington, D.C. — On Friday, it was reported that Republican congressional candidate Carlos Giménez submitted a check with the wrong name with his candidate filing paperwork. Giménez filed to run for Florida’s 26th Congressional District, just shy of the filing deadline. Florida law requires candidates to submit a “properly executed check” with the required paperwork. 

“This last-minute, shot-in-the-dark work “ethic” won’t cut it in Congress. Giménez has gotten a pass for exhibiting this type of feckless behavior in office for too long. If he can’t even get his checks straight to file for a congressional office, he sure as heck is not qualified to run it.  

“Latino Victory Fund is ready to ensure the far more organized and hard-working candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is re-elected. She can take on any candidate, whether it’s Carlos Giménez or Carlos Giminiz.” 

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