In August, Latino Victory became the first Latino national organization to endorse Secretary Julián Castro for president of the United States. 

Washington, D.C. — Ahead of the Democratic presidential debate, Latino community leaders, reporters, organizers, and progressive allies shed light on the need for Secretary Julián Castro’s presence in the debate. Following the debate, Latino Victory Fund executive director Mayra Macías issued the following statement:

“Secretary Castro’s bold, inclusive voice was needed in the debate tonight–but his presence resonated on and off the stage. Since day one of his campaign, Castro has stood up for marginalized communities whose voices get muffled in the political fray. He was the first to propose innovative policies on immigration, police reform, and Indigenous communities’ rights, and has been praised for introducing sound policies to expand the rights of people with disabilities and to help eradicate homelessness. At a time when marginalized communities are under attack, our nation needs more of Castro’s unifying voice, resolve and compassion. 

“Castro knows what it’s like to grow up with so little and to achieve so much, and that’s why he will fight hard to ensure everyone gets a fair shot. Our nation has already gained so much by Castro’s inclusive, transformative campaign –he’s the voice we cannot afford to lose.” 

#JuliánDebates Trends on Debate Night 

During the debate, supporters and allies Tweeted about the issues Secretary Castro has uplifted throughout his candidacy using #JulianDebates, which promptly became a trending hashtag. Here are some of the stand-out Tweets of the night: