Washington, DC – Marco Rubio lost the primary in Florida after coming in 2nd place behind Donald Trump, and dropped out of the race. We have one thing to say to Marco: You should have listened to your mom.

In this case the old saying is true, mom knows best. In 2013 Marco Rubio’s mom asked her son not to mess with immigrants. She said in a voicemail to her son:

“Tony, some loving advice from the person who cares for you most in the world. Don’t mess with the immigrants, my son. Please, don’t mess with them.”

“They’re human beings just like us, and they came for the same reasons we came. For work. To improve their lives. So please, don’t mess with them.”

The following is a reaction to the Florida primary results from Cristóbal Alex, President of Latino Victory Fund:

“Trump’s success in dethroning Florida’s golden boy and taking him out of the race is concerning and it should light fire under any Latinos who have yet to register to vote in November. We have to show Trump, Cruz and the rest of the GOP that Latinos are a force to be reckoned with, and that we will not stand for these insults, attacks and hateful actions.”

“When Donald Trump started his campaign by insulting and attacking Latinos, Rubio was nowhere to be found – even a few weeks ago he said he’d support Trump if he was the GOP nominee. And throughout his campaign Rubio pushed anti-immigrant, border enforcement policies that would hurt our community and further backed away from the Gang of 8 immigration bill. Rubio should’ve listened to his mom, done the right thing, and from the beginning stood up for Latinos and hardworking immigrants looking only to improve their lives and be part of the American Dream.”