Washington, D.C. – Please see below for a statement by César J. Blanco, interim director for Latino Victory Fund on tonight’s vice-presidential debate:

“Coming out of tonight’s debate there is a very clear winner, and that is Tim Kaine. Kaine proudly spoke about his and Hillary Clinton’s agenda and record and how their policies will benefit our country. Governor Pence spent his time running away from his running mate and lying to the American people about his record and Trump’s rhetoric and policies.

“No matter how hard Pence and others in the Republican Party try to distance themselves from Trump, Trump is their leader and their nominee. His insults against women, veterans, Latinos, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims are real and very well documented. Trump and Pence are running on the same ticket and Trump has made very clear what his divisive and backwards agenda is for our country.

“During his time in Congress and as Governor of Indiana, Pence pushed forth policies that harmed LGBTQ individuals, restricted woman’s access to healthcare, and hurt working Americans and immigrants. Pence is no different than Trump and their agenda is one and the same. Trump And Pence are dangerous for our country and for the Latino community.

“Latino Victory is proud to stand with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, because we’re stronger together and only they can move our country forward – increasing minimum wage, passing comprehensive immigration reform, passing legislation to curb climate change and create well-paying jobs for real Americans – and help bring us together instead of driving us apart.”