Washington DC – Priorities USA is releasing its first Spanish-language television ad of the campaign today called “What We Stand For” which shows how Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous agenda stands in stark contrast to the values we hold dear. Instead of freedom, respect, and the belief that we are all stronger together, Donald Trump talks about building a wall around America, calls Hispanic Americans criminals and rapists, and brags about his plan to tear families apart with a deportation force.

“What We Stand For” will run in Nevada, Colorado & Florida, and is the first spot in a previously announced partnership with The Latino Victory Project in Nevada and El Super Pac Voto Latino in Florida.

Watch “What We Stand For” below:


“Hispanic Americans know this country is built on freedom, respect, and the shared belief that everyone is stronger together, not the hatred of Donald Trump’s divisive and dangerous agenda,” said Anne Caprara, Executive Director at Priorities USA. “Donald Trump wants to build a wall around our country, tear families apart with a deportation force and kicked off his campaign by calling Hispanics criminals and rapists. That’s not what America stands for, and that’s why it’s so important to get out and vote so Donald Trump never becomes our president.”

“Our communities are stronger together when we empower one another to be our best selves — not when we pander to the interests of those who want to build walls to keep us apart, said César J. Blanco, Latino Victory Fund interim director. “Trump does not have our priorities in mind, and he’s shown no interest whatsoever in working to uplift our community of business owners, DREAMers and mixed status families, as well as the millions of Latinos who contribute positively to our great nation. We are proud to work with Priorities USA to mobilize Latinos in Nevada, Colorado, and Florida to cast their ballot in November. There is too much at stake to sit this one out.”