Georgia House Minority Leader Bob Trammell, Georgia House Democratic Chair James Beverly, Georgia House Representative Pedro Marin — first Democratic Latino elected to the Georgia Assembly, Representative Billy Mitchell and Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education Chair Jason Esteves all want Brenda to Run for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District

Washington, D.C. — Today, Latino Victory Fund launched “RunBrendaRun.com” —  its latest digital draft campaign to encourage the first Latina elected to the Georgia House of Representatives, Brenda Lopez Romero, to run for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. The website will focus on building grassroots support for Lopez and urge her to run for the United States House of Representatives.

Despite its changing demographics, Georgia has never sent a Latino/a to the United States Congress. Not only does Georgia’s 7th Congressional District represent a key pickup opportunity for House Democrats, but it is also prime timing for Georgia Democrats to send a dynamic, up-and-coming qualified Latina candidate to the general election.

Like the rest of the nation, Georgia’s 7th Congressional District is becoming more diverse. Latinos, Asian and Black voters will play an important role in determining who the Democratic nominee will be, but more importantly, the Democratic candidate will need to galvanize those communities in the general election to defeat the Republican challenger. Latino Victory Fund believes that Brenda Lopez Romero is the best candidate to turn out the diverse coalition of voters needed to flip the 7th Congressional District in 2020.

“State Representative Brenda Lopez Romero is no stranger to breaking glass ceilings for Latinas in Georgia and across the country. She has always fought for our community and the most underrepresented, and that’s why we are launching the “Run, Brenda, Run!” draft campaign to encourage her to run for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District,” said Latino Victory Interim President Melissa Mark-Viverito.

Latino Victory Georgia Chapter Leader Dan Castan said, “Brenda’s personal story and her experience makes her the strongest and most viable candidate, one who will galvanize the diverse communities of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District and take on the Republican challenger to deliver a win for Democrats. Whether it’s improving the quality of life for Georgians or improving our public education system, Brenda is exactly who we need in Congress.”

Local high profile leaders in Georgia are fired up about the “Run, Brenda, Run!” draft campaign. Encouraging Brenda to run for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District are:

Georgia Assembly House Minority Leader Bob Trammell:

“Not only is Brenda Lopez Romero a valuable member of the Georgia House of Representatives, but she’s a strong advocate and fighter for the people of Gwinnett and Forsyth County.  I am adding my name to the “Run, Brenda, Run!” campaign because I believe that Brenda is the best candidate to run for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District.”

Georgia Assembly House Democratic Chair James Beverly:

“Brenda Lopez Romero is a proven legislator who knows how to get things done, and that’s exactly why we need Brenda to run for the United States Congress. I proudly join this effort, because Georgia deserves a leader like Brenda in Washington.”

State Representative Billy Mitchell:

“It has been an honor to work with Brenda Lopez Romero in the Georgia House of Representatives. She is a bold and vocal advocate for the hardworking people of Gwinnett and Forsyth counties. I am proud to join my colleagues and fellow Georgians to encourage her: run, Brenda, run!”  

Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education Board Chair Jason Esteves, the only Latino on the Board and a member of the Latino Victory Fund’s chapter leadership team:

“State Representative Brenda Lopez Romero knows the importance of building a pipeline of qualified and viable Latino candidates in Georgia. I am proud to have worked closely with Brenda to make sure we are training the next Latino leaders in our state. Now more than ever, we must show Brenda Lopez Romero that a grassroots army is ready to have her back and that we want her to run for Georgia 7th Congressional District.”

And State Representative Pedro Marin — the first Democratic Latino to get elected to the Georgia House of Representatives.