WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Latino Victory Fund launched a $40,000 digital ad campaign “Caudillo,” which will run in Florida through Election Day. The ads will target 205,200 likely voting independent Hispanics via Facebook, and Hispanic likely voters in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando through Teads.

“The United States doesn’t need a caudillo in the White House who believes that he alone can solve anything and everything. We know that caudillos from the left and from the right have caused unrest and serious harm to several of our Latin American sisters and brothers,” said César J. Blanco, interim director for Latino Victory Fund. “Trump’s disregard for our democracy, for our government institutions, and the freedoms that make our country great – freedom of the press, freedom of expression and of religion – is seriously concerning and should give pause to anyone who knows what these caudillo’s governments have done in the past. America doesn’t need a caudillo, and Florida certainly doesn’t need a Senator who supports him because it’s politically convenient.”

Spanish ad here.

English ad here.