Washington, D.C. — Latino Victory Fund expanded its Florida candidate slate by endorsing three down-ballot candidates, Victor Torres, 15th Senate District; Samuel Vilchez Santiago, 48th House District; and Amy Mercado, Orange County Property Appraiser.  The organization plans to expand its electoral work in Florida to support candidates and mobilize Latino voters leading into the November election. The Florida primary will take place on Aug. 18.

“During these trying times, we need strong leaders in office to advocate for our communities’ safety and well-being,” said Nathalie Rayes, Latino Victory Fund president & CEO. “Victor, Amy, and Samuel are dedicated public servants who have their communities’ best interests at heart, and we’re proud to stand with them to ensure they win.” 

Meet the Candidates: 

Samuel Vilchez Santiago, Florida House of Representatives, 48th District 

If elected, Vilchez-Santiago will be the first Venezuelan elected to the Florida legislature. 

Victor Torres, Florida Senate, 15th District 

Torres is currently the only Puerto Rican serving in the Florida State Senate and has a long history of public service ranging from military service to political activism. 

Amy Mercado, Orange County Property Appraiser 

Amy Mercado is the only Puerto Rican woman in the Florida House of Representatives. She has garnered a track record of passing bipartisan legislation and is known as an effective community activist.