On the same day as Trump’s first joint address to Congress, a few blocks away top Latino political leaders will gather to develop a strategy to fight back against Trump’s policies

Washington, D.C. – Cristóbal J. Alex, President of the Latino Victory Fund, announced that on February 28, the same day that Donald Trump will hold his first joint address to Congress, Latino Victory will host the first major political strategy meeting of the nation’s top Latino leaders and political experts in Washington, D.C. since Trump has taken office. The goal of the Latino Political Power Summit is to develop a progressive Latino political strategy to oppose Trump’s radical anti-immigrant and anti-Latino agenda and to grow Latino political power.

“Together as Latino leaders, we can and must exchange ideas to fight back against the Trump Administration’s backward policies that threaten our nation’s progress and traditions. Hardworking immigrants who helped build our country – like my mom, a clerical worker, and my dad, a construction worker – need to know we have their back. I’m looking forward to the Latino Political Power Summit, which marks an opportunity to develop a strategy not just around defending common-sense immigrant rights, but protecting affordable healthcare, education, and much more,” said Xavier Becerra, California’s Attorney General.

“Election Day sent a clear signal that we must listen, learn and organize for the future,” said Senator Cortez Masto (D-NV). “I’m seeing it already in Nevada. It is time for our communities to mobilize for the fights ahead. It is time to inspire a generation of leaders that match the diversity of our state, and our country. Summits like this one will help us bring people together and exchange ideas for a future worthy of all of our families in Nevada and America.”

“On the same day that Trump will be sharing his plans with Congress to hurt the American economy by intimidating and bullying the Hispanic community, Latino leaders throughout the country will be gathering to create and share the best ways to fight his hurtful agenda,” said Representative Tony Cardenas (D-CA). “We must continue to fight against Trump’s efforts to attack our neighbors and entrepreneurs. We will join together to make sure all Americans have access to education, affordable healthcare, and feel secure in their homes, schools and work places.”

“We have to push back against Trump’s policies in every way we can. We’re going to make sure the immigrant communities that have helped build my state and our nation know that we respect them, we understand their anxieties and that we will defend them,” said Representative Nanette Barragán (D-CA). “I’m honored to join with the nation’s top Latino leaders and political experts at the Latino Political Power Summit. Together, I’m certain we will develop a political strategy that builds Latino power and influence as we push back against Trump’s divisive policy agenda.”

“I co-founded the Latino Victory Fund as an effort to build political power within the Latino community and to ensure the voices of Latinos are reflected at every level of government and in the policies that drive our nation forward. The Latino community just faced one of the most tumultuous elections in recent history. Attacking Latinos was central to Trump’s campaign. We have to organize, mobilize, and empower our community to be ready for the battles ahead,” said Henry Muñoz III, co-founder of the Latino Victory Fund. “Latino Victory’s Political Power Summit will provide us with a roadmap for the next 2-4 years. There is no doubt that our community and our power will continue to grow, and if we are united, we can secure our shared prosperity along with that growth.”

“Donald Trump launched his campaign by attacking Latinos, and he has followed through on many of his promises, terrorizing and threatening our community. But at the same time, we have even more confidence that the Latino electorate is mobilized. As a result of this past election, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is the largest it’s ever been; we elected the first ever Latina Senator, the first Dominican-American member of Congress, the first Latino elected in Nebraska State Legislature and the first Speaker of the House in Colorado, among many others. Let’s remember that an overwhelming majority -79 percent- of the over 13 million Latinos who voted in the 2016 Presidential Election opposed Mr. Trump, and the proportion was even higher among women, at 86 percent,” said Cristóbal J. Alex President of Latino Victory Fund.

The summit will be attended by local, state and federal leaders and several of the nation’s leading political strategists. The vision for the meeting is two-fold: laying the groundwork for a coordinated local and national strategy to build a bench of progressive Latino candidates and equipping our current and future leaders to successfully defend pro-Latino policies. A successful strategy for Latino political power will guide our work to recruit candidates across the nation and empower voters.