Diya TV and Hip Latina will broadcast the event.

Washington, D.C. –  On Monday, October 12, 2020, Biden for President, Latino Victory Fund and AAPI Victory Fund will host a virtual event, titled “Immigrants are the Heart and Soul of America,” celebrating immigrants’ contributions to this country and highlighting Vice President Biden’s agenda for immigrants to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Hart-Celler Act, which lifted non-European quotas in our immigration system. The event will culminate with remarks by Senator Kamala Harris sharing her own immigrant story as the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants.

Featuring Meena Harris (founder of Phenomenal Woman Action campaign and niece of Senator Harris), Dr. Vivek Murthy (former Surgeon General), Catalina Cruz (New York State Assemblywoman and first DREAMer elected to NY Assembly), Katie Barberi (Mexican-American actress and activist), and Julissa Arce, (author and former DREAMer) among other key leaders from the Biden for President campaign, the event will be moderated by Maulik Pancholy and feature immigrant stories of Vannary Kong, child of a Cambodian refugee, Luisana Pérez, a Venezuelan immigrant, and Raymon Kuo, a Taiwanese immigrant.

DATE:  Monday, October 12, 2020

TIME: 6:00 PM ET

LOCATION:  Diya TV and Hip Latina digital channels

REGISTRATION: Interested press may register HERE, no later than 4:00 PM ET, Monday, October 12.


“This month we celebrate the signing of the Hart-Celler Act by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Because of this law, immigrants from around the world, including many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, were able to come to this country for a better life. We are proud to highlight our immigrant stories and how we have, and will continue to the building of this great nation by voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” said Shekar Narasimhan, Chairman of AAPI Victory Fund.

“Immigrants from all over the world come to this country in pursuit of a better life. The United States has succeeded as a nation because of the talented, hard-working immigrants that come to our country to build a better life for themselves and their families,” said Nathalie Rayes, President and CEO of Latino Victory Fund. “Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are unwavering in their commitment to ensure that immigrant communities live in a prosperous nation with equality and racial justice for all. Latino Victory Fund is proud to partner with AAPI Victory Fund to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions immigrants have made to our country.”

The event will conclude with a call to action for the immigrant community, particularly young voters, to engage, stay connected, and bring in others to get involved in the most important election of their lives.


The AAPI Victory Fund – the first Super PAC in the AAPI community– is focused on mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) eligible voters and moving them to the ballot box. With AAPI eligible voters exceeding the margin of victory in numerous districts and states, we bring AAPI voters into position to make or break outcomes for progressive candidates across the country.

The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the school board to the Senate to the White House.