Our nation’s core has been shocked once again by the Trump administration’s horrifying anti-immigrant policies. After learning about the mistreatment and abuse of migrant children in detention centers, we thought things could not get any worse. We were wrong. Just yesterday, the AP reported that a young father and his 2 year-old daughter, who were escaping violence in El Salvador, drowned trying to seek asylum. A harrowing photo of the dead father and his toddler lying on the river bank of the Rio Grande has sparked outrage throughout the country.

Today, we’re asking this question to House and Senate Republicans:

How many more parents and children must die before House and Senate Republicans end their complicit support of President Trump’s politically motivated, hate-filled and deadly immigration policies?

Yesterday, House Democrats passed a supplemental bill that would bring long-overdue accountability to ICE and would provide basic needs, like water and food, to the children who were separated from their parents and are being detained in horrifying conditions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vehemently rejected this proposal and protections for the children who desperately need it.

Under the President Trump administration, 24 migrants have died under ICE custody.