Latino Victory Project joins 150+ organizations urging House Democrats to remain united and reject any anti-immigrant MTR by House Republicans

As the House of Representatives is set to vote on the Dream and Promise Act — a bill that protects and legalizes DREAMers, TPS and DED holders — House Republicans will likely use this opportunity to once again promote anti-immigrant policies for political gain. The House Republicans’ plan to use a motion to recommit (MTR) would serve one purpose — to further harmful policies that do nothing but criminalize law-abiding, hardworking immigrants.

That is why today, Latino Victory Project is joining more than 150 organizations nationwide urging House Democrats to remain united and reject House Republicans’ anti-immigrant, racist MTR.

“Any motion to recommit proposed by House Republicans is not intended to make our nation safer, nor improve the Dream and Promise Act, nor address the current immigration crisis President Trump created when he killed DACA and TPS for millions of immigrants,” said Latino Victory Project Spokesperson Javier Gamboa. “What Republicans are doing is obvious. They are amplifying a racist and anti-immigrant agenda to further the divisions that already exist in our country. An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that we should protect DREAMers and TPS holders. House Democrats must remain a united front against Republican efforts to scapegoat immigrants once again. Latinos across the country already rejected the Republicans’ anti-immigrant and racist agenda in the 2018 midterm election and will do so again in 2020.”