Washington, D.C. — Representing a congressional district with a Hispanic electorate of 18 percent, Republican Congressman Scott Tipton voted against the American Dream and Promise Act — a bill that would provide DACA and TPS recipients an opportunity to earn a path towards citizenship. By voting against this bill, Congressman Tipton voted to deport the 2,978 TPS holders that reside in Colorado, and the 1,800 DACA recipients and 2,800 DREAMers eligible for DACA that live in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

It is abundantly clear that he is out of touch with the needs of his district and the issues affecting the Latino community. Latino Victory Fund National Press Secretary María R. González issued the following statement:

“Republican Congressman Tipton betrayed Colorado’s Latino and immigrant communities when he voted to deport DREAMers and TPS recipients by rejecting the American Dream and Promise Act. Tipton’s vote is yet another example of how he has gone Washington and turned his back on his constituents. The people of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District deserve a leader who will support the will of the majority of the American people and fight to protect hard-working DREAMers and TPS recipients. It’s time for Tipton to go.”