Washington, DC – Today, the Senate will vote on SB 2146 – “Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act”, which was co-sponsored by Sen. David Vitter and Sen. Marco Rubio, among others.

The following is a statement from Cristóbal J. Alex, President of Latino Victory Fund:

“It’s a shame that instead of working to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill, Congress is focusing on enforcement only policies that will hurt our community and make us less safe.

“SB. 2146 would further contribute to eroding the trust between our communities and police, and it would take millions of dollars from local law enforcement – undermining their efforts to keep us out of harms way. It will also impose mandatory sentencing that will put non-violent people in prison and cost American taxpayers $3.7 billion.

“We had high hopes for Marco Rubio’s candidacy but his positions on key issues thus far do not reflect the interests of Latinos. Senator Marco Rubio is still pandering to the extreme right of his party and putting them ahead of the well being of our families. As Sen. Rubio goes around the country trying to convince Latinos to vote for him, he should look in the mirror and remember that Latinos are listening and paying attention to the policy decisions he makes while still in office. If this is what he’s doing as a Senator, what can we expect from him in the White House?”

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October 20, 2015

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