Latino Victory Project Statement on Black History Month

Washington, D.C. – Latino Victory Project President & CEO Nathalie Rayes issued the following statement on Black History Month: 

“The fight for civil rights and equity for all communities of color is a legacy of the Black Civil Rights Movement and of the countless Black leaders who envisioned a just society and fought for it. While our history is not the same, the struggles for justice are intersectional—we share common struggles and oppressions that make us allies in the fight for equal justice. And as Latinos, we also have the responsibility to acknowledge our own history of racism and colorism within the Latino community—and pledge to fight it. 

“In observation of Black History Month, we honor the Black leaders who built the movement and their steadfast successors who continue to fight for a better society. We also recommit to increasing Black and Afro-Latinos representation in all levels of government to help ensure all of our communities are empowered. While Black and Latino communities grapple with a disastrous pandemic that has impacted us heavily, continued economic and educational disparities, and police brutality, we gather strength from the unwavering leaders in the Black community, our unity, and our friendship to keep fighting the good fight.”

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