Latino Victory Project Releases First Interactive Mapping Tool
Illustrating Latino Demographics and Political Representation Following 2014 Elections

New Data Compares Latino Populations with Latino Elected Representation
WASHINGTON, DC – Latino Victory Project today released a new mapping tool, developed by data analytics firm BlueLabs that provides an in – depth look at the relationship between Latino populations and political representation across the country. The mapping tool examines national Latino representation as well as federal, state and local data.

“With more than 25 million Latinos eligible to vote in the United States, this district – by – district tool proves that in key regions Latinos are flexing their voting muscle, but we still have a long way to go,” said Cristóbal Alex, president of Latino Victory Project. “As Latino Victory Project enters its second year, we intend on developing the tools necessary to track, target and invest in Latino candidates and communities. This map is just one way that will help us focus our resources in areas where Latino candidates can and should win.”

Key findings include:

  • 54 million Latinos live in the United States, comprising 17 percent of the population. However, just one percent of the nearly 500,000 elected officials in federal, state and local governments nationwide are Latino.
  • 10 congressional districts, 17 state senate districts and 53 lower state house districts have majority – Latino populations but are not represented by a Latino.
  • Regionally, 76 percent of Latinos live in the West. 18 of the 30 Latino members of Congress represent Western states, led by 10 from California.
  • 81 counties that have a majority – Latino population. In less than half of those, just 40 counties, a majority of elected county officials are Latino. No Latinos hold elected office in 9 majority – Hispanic counties
  • Several majority – Latino counties have no Latino representation at any level – county, state legislative or congressional. Examples include Lamb County, TX, Tulare County, CA, and Adams County, WA.
  • No Latina has ever been elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • A fact sheet with more data can be found here.

Latino Victory Project is dedicated to ensuring more reflective political representation in areas with a high concentration of Latino voters.

The Latino Victory Project’s 2014 district mapping tool, created by BlueLabs, displays data about the ethnicity of population and the ethnicity of the currently elected officials across four geographies – congressional districts, upper state legislative districts, lower state legislative districts and counties. Information on demographics was compiled based on block group data from the US Census’ 2013 American Community Survey (ACS) 5 Year Estimates. Data on elected officials was collected with assistance from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund and the Latino Victory Project. The map is built in the Mapbox ecosystem using MapBox Studio, TileMill, Mapbox.js, Leaflet.js, and CartoCSS.


The Latino Victory Project, co-founded by Eva Longoria and Henry R. Muñoz III, is an ambitious, non-partisan effort to build political power within the Latino community to ensure the voices of Latinos are reflected at every level of government and in the policies that drive our nation forward. The Latino Victory Project develops leaders for public office while building a permanent base of Latino donors to support them. Partnering with leading national organizations, it shapes public policy that reflects the growing influence of the Latino community while also building cross-constituency alliances that can move the country forward.

BlueLabs is an analytics, data, and technology company that empowers organizations to use big data to solve tough challenges and make change in their communities. As leaders in the groundbreaking analytics department of Obama for America, BlueLabs’ co-founders were responsible for the most successful analytics program in American politics.

RaeAnn Pickett, SKDKnickerbocker for The Latino Victory Project
rpickett@skdknick.com / 202-464-6966