Latino Victory Project Applauds President Obama For Taking Immigration Action

(Washington, D.C.)— In response to today’s announcement that President Obama will use his legal authority through Immigration Accountability Executive Actions as a first step to fix the nation’s Immigration system, Cristóbal Alex, President of Latino Victory Project, released the following statement:

“The President’s decision to address our persistently broken immigration system through these executive actions is a welcome and extremely hopeful sign for all Americans – especially those in the Latino community.

“Americans are tired of Congress failing to act while families are ripped apart. It’s time to move on. We respect the President’s legal authority to act on behalf of our community, and we hope these common sense actions prod Congress to pass comprehensive immigration once and for all. Only Congress can finish the job. Since 1960, 100% of United States Presidents – including Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and both Presidents Bush – have taken executive action on immigration. It’s time to begin to fix our broken immigration system with executive action and work towards a long term bipartisan legislative solution –like the one passed by the Senate more than a year ago.

“We celebrate that some in our community will get temporary protection from deportations and the ability to work freely. Millions of undocumented individuals will now pay billions more in taxes, pass background checks, attend school, contribute more to their local economies and continue to be engaged members of their communities. All Americans can agree that allowing law enforcement officials to focus on stopping drug traffickers and criminals – deporting felons not families – is time, and money, that is better spent. But the fight continues for a long term solution and for the majority of those in the shadows.

“Latino Victory Project will continue to build and support a pipeline of Latino leaders in the hopes that electing Latinos, and those that support American values, at the state, local and national level will keep a focus on the needs of our community. We will continue to build political power within the Latino community at the ballot box and will be watching who is with us on executive action and comprehensive reform. Immigration is important to our community, but so is access to good paying jobs, an ample education, affordable healthcare and clean air and water, and ultimately a better tomorrow for our families. We hope the President’s step forward today gets us closer to that tomorrow.”



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