Latino Victory: Hispanic Heritage Month is a Time for Latinos to Unite, Celebrate Our History and Ensure We Remain Visible

Washington, D.C. — Latino Victory Project Executive Director Mayra Macías issued the following statement in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month:

“Latinos helped build and shape the United States into the powerhouse nation it is today. Our community’s resilience and resourcefulness are forever etched in our cultural landscape thanks to the myriad contributions we’ve made in the arts, the economy, politics and government, education, and science.  As we celebrate our culture and traditions this Hispanic Heritage Month, we must do so knowing that we are facing one of the most trying times in our history. Our people are under attack by Trump and his administration. As such, our community must unite and fight to preserve our history and place in this nation. We must face the forces that seek to erase us and ensure that our community remains visible. 

Macías added: “Latinos are at a crossroads in our own country, and this Hispanic Heritage Month, we must own our power by telling our own stories. There is an unparalleled power in story-telling, whether we tell the story of how our electoral power has grown, of the new generation of young Latina leaders elected to office, of the courageous leaders in our community who fight day in and day out to protect our freedoms and our families — we must not confine these stories in the prison of anonymity. Latino Victory will continue to uplift our stories during Hispanic Heritage Month to ensure that we continue making our community visible across the nation.”

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