Latino Victory Fund Congratulates Tony Vargas Winning Nebraska 7th Senate District Race

Washington, D.C. – Latino Victory Fund congratulates Senator Tony Vargas for being reelected to the Nebraska 7th Senate District. Vargas made history in the 2016 election by becoming the first Latino elected to the Nebraska Legislature.

“Senator Vargas’s deserved victory comes after spending his first term fighting for economic justice, equity in education, and health care access. He’s a proven leader who’s dedicated to changing the lives of Nebraska’s working-class families for the better,” said Nathalie Rayes, Latino Victory Fund President & CEO. “Our state legislatures need more Latino voices who will fight for our community and ensure that opportunities are open to everyone. Latino Victory Fund congratulates Senator Vargas for his victory.” 

Meet Senator Tony Vargas

Senator Tony Vargas has devoted his career to public service and advocacy. Latino Victory Fund endorsed Vargas when he first ran for state senator in the Nebraska Legislature in 2016. He made history by becoming the first Latino elected to the Nebraska Legislature and began his first term on January 4, 2017.

Prior to his election to the legislature, he served an appointed term of three years to the Omaha Public Schools. As both a school board member and a legislator Vargas has been a tireless advocate for closing the achievement gap, addressing systemic inequities, and increasing parent and community engagement. Since his election to the Nebraska Legislature, he has successfully passed legislation on a variety of issues, including equity in education, encouraging technology and innovation, juvenile justice, reforming predatory lending practices, improving consumer protection, and healthcare access.

Vargas is the son of Peruvian immigrants who worked in manufacturing — his father, Antonio, a machinist, and his mother, Lidia, an assembly line worker in a factory. Living paycheck-to-paycheck as a young Latino family in New York City shaped his perspectives on jobs, education, and opportunity. Because of these experiences, Vargas has always stood up for working families and fought to protect the American Dream.


The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the school board to the Senate to the White House.

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