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Washington, D.C.—Latino Victory Fund is proud to announce the endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.
Cristóbal J. Alex, President of Latino Victory Fund said, “Latino Victory’s mission is to build Latino political power by increasing Latino representation and participation to further the policies and values important to Latinos. While Secretary Clinton is not a Latina, she supports the issues that matter most to the Latino community. Since the beginning of her career, Hillary has been a champion for Latinos. She is the best person for the job, and we know she will deliver solutions for our community and for all Americans. The stakes are simply too high in the 2016 election for Latinos to sit on the sidelines. That’s why Latino Victory Fund is taking a stand and proudly endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.
“Hillary has fought to make sure that every person has a voice and that every voice is heard. She has worked tirelessly to increase opportunities for all, and ensure that Latinos can move up the economic ladder and make life better for future generations.
“Whether it’s immigration reform, access to affordable education, health care, economic policies that uplift Latinos, or policies to combat climate change—Hillary is a proven leader who stands with Latinos and will fight for the issues that matter to us.”
“¡Estamos con ella!”

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