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Washington, DC – Yesterday, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz appointed anti-immigrant Member of Congress Steve King as a National Co-Chair for his campaign. This came days after the Cruz campaign released an insulting, demeaning and misguided ad about immigration in the United States.

President of Latino Victory Fund, Cristóbal J. Alex released the following statement: 
“Ted Cruz just placed the final nail in the coffin with Latinos. His immigration policies are dangerous for the Latino community, and his most recent appointment of anti-immigrant, “calves the size of cantaloupes” Steve King as national co-chair for his campaign is a slap in the face for Latinos. The road to the White House goes through the Latino community. Latinos are listening and Ted Cruz just proved once again that he is no different than Donald Trump and doesn’t deserve our vote.”

Ideally, at tonight’s GOP presidential debate we would discuss issues that the Latino community wants to hear about. It would be the normal thing to do, or the right thing to do, even. But we are in the middle of a presidential campaign trail that is really bizarre – the most reasonable voice of the Republican Party presidential hopefuls so far has been George W. Bush. And that is only because he was portrayed by comedian and genius Will Ferrell. (Come on, we all laughed when he called Donald Trump a knucklehead.)

One after the other, GOP presidential debates have come and gone. In the end, each one has left us wondering: What in the name of common decency did we just witness? We are beyond analyses of what the Republican presidential hopefuls should bring up when they take to the podium if they intend to win the Latino vote. At least until the general election. So far, the primary has been all about the anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric. We are tired of telling them about the issues Latinos care about because they do not listen.

So we will take a different approach. Instead, we will talk about what we do not want the GOP hopefuls to talk about at tonight’s GOP debate. We do not want to hear that deporting 11 million people living in the United States will make America great because it will not. It will cost us billions of dollars and it will destroy countless innocent lives, including many Americans. We do not want to hear that raising the minimum wage would be a “disaster” because then that means that improving the lives of 6.8 million Latino workers and that of their families is considered a “disaster.”

We do not want to hear the urgent promise to repeal Obamacare for the nth time. Since the law’s implementation in 2013, 4.2 million Latinos who did not have health insurance are now covered. Promising to repeal Obamacare is telling these Latinos and their families that they might lose that essential benefit. GOP candidates need to come up with a different way to address health care because when they talk about repealing Obamacare, Latinos hear a different outcome than the one in their talking points.

We do not want the two sons of Latino immigrants on the podiums to keep calling for the end of DACA and DAPA. It is a pity to see the only two Latinos in the Republican race turn their backs on the immigrant community, and that instead of wanting for their fellow brethren the same opportunities that they had as immigrants, they want to greedily push them off of the ship. That is not the Christian thing to do, Ted and Marco.

We do not want the GOP candidates to ignore talking about the need for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for hard-working immigrants. If the moderators do bring it up, we do not want any more extremes. We are sick of extremes. And don’t even bring up banning Muslims from entering the United States and tightening the screening process for who knows which group of refugees they want to target next because guess what? We do not want to hear it.

We cannot emphasize this enough: Latinos are listening. We are paying close attention to the negative rhetoric, the racist comments and the xenophobic sentiments that lace certain GOP hopefuls’ platforms. The Latino electorate is only increasing and in 2016, the Republican candidates will need to have the support of 47 percent to 52 percent of Latinos to win the election. (Source) Republican presidential hopefuls should remember that the road to the White House goes through the Latino community, we are key that can open that door, or close it shut.

My name is Patty, Senior Producer for Ryan Seacrest Radio Show, and I am a First. And here is my story:

The story behind Lil’ Libros is an example of what happens when the American Dream meets the Latina mother. Two mothers, each raised by Mexican immigrants, began a mission to encourage parents to begin reading with their children at the earliest of ages. The result of that mission…is Lil’ Libros.

It all started when Patty was pregnant with her first baby. It was her desire to ensure that her son was raised in a bilingual environment and that he learned to understand, respect and appreciate their family’s culture.

So she immediately began working on Lil’ Libros.

Upon receiving rejection letters from the biggest publishing houses in the country, Patty channeled her Latino fire and became even more convinced that Lil’ Libros needed to be made. It was then that she reached out to her best friend and partner in crime, Ariana Stein.

Without any publishing experience, they decided to use their personal savings to fund their passion project, on their own!

Their determination has been a proven success. In just 10 months since inception, they have managed to get the attention of thousands of loyal customers…and Target! This Fall, Lil’ Libros will be available at over 600 Target stores nationwide!

In addition, the series and creators have been featured on, NPR, Univision, Buzzfeed, Telemundo, People En Espanol and others!


Two mothers, each raised by Mexican immigrants, began a mission to encourage parents to begin reading with their children at the earliest of ages. The result of that Lil' Libros.

Crisanta Duran is the FIRST Latina Majority Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives! Watch this video about a great Latina breaking glass ceilings!


Giving Tuesday Blog post

Nearly half of all Americans took part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping this weekend — a great time to find gifts for your friends and family. But today is #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to giving back and showing support for great causes.

Today we join you in recognizing our partners who work tirelessly to promote and advance social justice causes important to the Latino community. Please consider giving to these deserving organizations!

New American Democracy Campaign is a groundbreaking effort between Latino Victory Foundation (LVF) working closely with the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) to activate millions of immigrants, turning them into citizens, voters and future leaders.

League of Conservation Voters Education Fund through Chispa, a clean energy campaign, has developed grassroots organizing programs in Latino communities in multiple states and runs bold online and traditional communications efforts that are engaging, training, and elevating new Latino activists and leaders in the fight against climate change and for a healthy future.

Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring that women, men and young people can access lifesaving health care and affordable birth control, every day, no matter where they live. Now more than ever these resources are crucial to Latinas’ health in the U.S. and around the world.

We applaud the ongoing efforts of our partner organizations and encourage our Latino Victory community to contribute today and help support this important work.