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Washington, D.C. — Please see below for a statement from César J. Blanco, Latino Victory Fund interim director about Trump picking Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate:

“It comes as no surprise that Donald Trump picked a running mate who is just as extreme as he is. Governor Pence has proven throughout his time as an elected official that he supports policies that would take our country backwards. Like Trump, Governor Pence is no friend of the Latino community; he opposes raising the minimum wage while supporting giving tax incentives to millionaires and corporations, he has voted against immigration reform, supported ending birthright citizenship, and opposes DACA – which is providing relief from deportation from hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth.

“Trump-Pence are a threat to the Latino community, women, workers, and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Trump-Pence are the ticket of racism and divisiveness, and a real menace to the values that make our country great.

“Latino Victory Fund and our allies will work tirelessly to ensure that Trump-Pence don’t make it anywhere near the White House, and we will ensure that Republicans who supports them are also held accountable by our community for supporting their racist, dangerous and divisive agenda. Latinos have been applying for citizenship and registering in large numbers throughout the country in order to vote to protect our families, our community, and the America that we love. We’ve had enough with the GOP’s insults and attacks, we are a powerful force and come November we will show our strength and push back and elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States, and candidates up and down the ballot who will have our back and treat us with the respect and dignity that we deserve.”

Washington, D.C. — Please see below for a statement from César J. Blanco, Latino Victory Fund interim director about Senator Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

“We want to thank Senator Sanders for his work to promote and advance issues that are important to the Latino community. Latinos will always be grateful for his advocacy and tenacity in fighting for justice and for a better future for our families.

“Senator Sanders understands what lies ahead, what’s at stake, and the importance of making sure we elect Hillary Clinton. It is time for us to come together and unite behind Hillary for the well being of our families, of our community, and of this country. Only she can deliver on the issues that matter to us greatly – a higher minimum wage, equal pay, clean energy, quality affordable healthcare, immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and protecting DACA while keeping our families together. Thank you again Senator Sanders, and we look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.”



Washington— Latino Victory Fund joined Priorities USA to launch an animated digital ad that showcases Trump’s harmful “deportation force” immigration policy. The ad is one of six animated videos hitting Trump on his toxic ideology and policies related to women, the environment, the economy, and more.

“Trump’s deportation force proposal promotes nothing but division, violence, and hate –hurting our families and our community, while failing to acknowledge the contributions of immigrant families to the United States. Donald Trump is a hypocritical, narcissistic, self- interested bigot who has made money off of the back-breaking work of the same immigrants who he’s now trying to harm,” said César Blanco, Latino Victory Fund interim director. “There is no doubt that Donald Trump’s rhetoric, his toxic ideology and policies are dangerous for Latinos, for our economy, and for our country. We cannot allow his ideas to turn into national policy and undo our progress towards a more equal and just country. In November, we must turn out to vote and elect a president who will keep our families together, and who supports policies that will move our nation forward, promote peace, diversity, and unity, instead of division – that candidate is Hillary Clinton.”

Watch “Deportation Force” released by Latino Victory Fund and Priorities USA. 

The ad is a part of a large-scale Stop Trump campaign that includes partnerships with Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund & EMILY’s List WOMEN VOTE! The campaign includes a total of six animated video advertisements and each highlights some of the most harmful policies and ideologies that Trump has supported since he launched his campaign such as immigration, women, the environment, raising wages and more. The ads are backed by a half million dollar buy and will run on pre-roll, Facebook, Instagram and Pandora in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and North Carolina from now into August.

Washington, D.C.—The U.S. Senate voted today on two anti-immigrant bills, S. 3100 and S.2193, also known as the “Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act” and the “Stop Illegal Reentry Act,” respectively. The laws included a measure that would keep so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ from receiving federal funding, effectively hindering the cities’ public safety and undermining the safety that current law enforcement cooperation with the immigrant community brings to these cities.

César Blanco, Latino Victory interim director, issued the following statement:

“Republicans continue playing games and putting political gain ahead of the wellbeing of our country, of the Latino community, and of the American people. These anti-immigrant bills are nothing but political stunts that scapegoat and wrongfully target the immigrant community, pitting us against each other, and threatening public safety. We applaud the Senators who voted against these bills and denounce both Republicans and Democrats who voted for them – putting the safety of entire communities in danger in the name of political gain.

“Latinos and the immigrant community are tired of baseless and senseless attacks – whether it’s Donald Trump’s hate speech, or pointless and dangerous legislation that seeks to finish us and harm us – this November we will remember who stood against us, and we will hold them accountable.”

Latino Victory Fund Applauds SCOTUS Ruling to Protect Women’s Heath

Washington—Today, the Supreme Court reached a decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt and ruled to protect the rights of women in Texas and throughout the country to make decisions about their own bodies and have access to safe abortion providers.

César J. Blanco, Latino Victory Fund interim director, issued the following statement:

“Today is a historic victory for women, for organizations like Planned Parenthood and many others who fought tirelessly for women’s health, and for the right of women to make their own health decisions. This is especially a win for the 2.5 million Latinas of reproductive age in Texas who were disproportionately affected by HB2 and who face great barriers to access health services because of their immigration status, poverty, lack of transportation or childcare, or because they can’t afford to take time off from work.

“The court made clear that HB2 was nothing but a political maneuver and overreach to place restrictions on abortion providers, making abortions less safe and less accessible for women throughout the country.

“While today is a big win, the fight to protect access for women’s health services isn’t over. Donald Trump made it clear he wants to take away women’s right to make their own health decisions. We must ensure that Trump doesn’t make it anywhere close to the White House and that our next president is someone who supports a woman’s constitutional right to make her own health decisions.”