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Washington, D.C.—Latino Victory Project is proud to announce the #CuentaConmigo (‘Count On Me’) campaign in partnership with the multi-platinum and Grammy Award®-winning Mexican rock band Maná.

The Latino community in the United States has the power to enact change and write history. That is why Maná and Latino Victory Project are coming together to launch the #CuentaConmigo campaign – to remind Latinos in the United States that their vote counts.

This September, Maná will begin their highly-anticipated “Latino Power Tour” across the United States. Beginning September 6th in advance of the tour, Latino Victory Project and Maná will launch #CuentaConmigo as a pledge-to-vote campaign and contest.

Maná, together with the Latino Victory Project are giving the opportunity to win VIP tickets and a chance to meet the band. Through social media, radio, TV, and digital ads Latino Victory Project will explain how to participate in the contest and will target and engage with fans in the cities where Maná will be performing, including Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Florida: all states with a large Latino population.

To kick off the campaign, Maná vocalist and guitarist Fher Olvera has a special message for the Latino community: “Hagan valer su poder, hagan valer su power: make your power count. They need to respect us and see who the Latinos are in this country, how the Latino community has grown- because there has been no respect- and that they know that Latinos can change history, they can shift the balance. Make your vote count, because it counts here.”

“Your vote is very important,” added Maná drummer Alex González. “We want you to participate and make sure everyone you know registers and votes. Your vote can make a difference.”

“The stakes have never been higher; Latinos have to commit to vote and come out to the polls in November. It is the only way our community’s priorities and issues will receive the attention they deserve,” said César J. Blanco, Latino Victory Project interim director. “Through this partnership with Maná while they tour the United States, Latino Victory will disseminate the message that it is our responsibility and our duty to vote and help increase Latinos’ political power. The future of our community is in our hands, and we must show that we are a political force to be reckoned with.”

About Maná

Maná has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and has been recognized with four GRAMMY Awards and six LATIN GRAMMY Awards. In the United States, Maná holds and impressive nine #1 albums and ten #1 singles -more than any other band in the history of Billboard’s “Hot Latin Songs.” Inspiring multiple generations of Latinos, Maná is also well known for using their voice to advocate for human rights and justice – as well as passionate environmental advocacy through the educational work and initiatives of their own Selva Negra Foundation

Washington DC – Latino Victory Fund and Priorities USA are proud to announce a partnership to run Spanish-language television ads in Las Vegas from Labor Day through Election Day. César J. Blanco, interim director of Latino Victory Fund and Guy Cecil, Chief Strategist at Priorities USA, offered the following statements below:

“We are excited to partner with Priorities USA to run Spanish-language television ads in Las Vegas from Labor Day to Election Day,” said César J. Blanco, interim director of Latino Victory Fund. “We have seen Donald Trump’s true colors, heard his opinions of our community, and we understand his intentions to attack, demean, and hurt Latinos throughout the country. But we won’t be bullied into silence. We will continue working tirelessly to ensure that on Election Day our community delivers a clear message to Donald Trump and his supporters: Latinos in the United States deserve respect and our country deserves a leader who represents the good of our nation, not its worst impulses.Together, we will make sure Donald Trump gets nowhere close to the White House.”

“Hispanic voters will be crucial to ensuring a man as divisive and dangerous as Donald Trump never becomes President of the United States and Priorities is committed to speaking out, reaching out, and turning out the vote,” said Guy Cecil, Chief Strategist at Priorities USA. “We’re excited to partner with The Latino Victory Fund  on this important work and together we will ensure Donald Trump loses by as much as possible in as many places as possible to send a clear message that his kind of hatred is unacceptable in America.”

Washington DC – Darren Soto, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida’s Congressional District 9 defeated several candidates in his bid towards representing the Sunshine State in Washington. César J. Blanco, interim director of Latino Victory Fund offered the statement below:

“We’re thrilled to congratulate Darren Soto, a clear and proven progressive voice, for his win in the primary for Florida’s 9th Congressional District. Darren is now one step closer to becoming the first Puerto Rican from the state of Florida elected to Congress,” said César J. Blanco, interim director of Latino Victory Fund. “Darren has fought for his constituents in Florida and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those in his community. We look forward to having Darren in the halls of Congress, fighting for the issues that Latinos care about.”

Washington, DC – Today, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with Latino and African-American activists in New York City. This meeting has been described as part of Trump’s outreach strategy with the Latino and African-American communities.  Martin Diego Garcia, Latino Victory Fund director of campaigns, issued the following statement:

“Latino Victory was not invited to Trump’s meeting with Latino activists, and after we requested an invitation to discuss Latino concerns and issues, we were blatantly ignored,” said Martin Diego Garcia, Latino Victory Fund director of campaigns. “This meeting was nothing but a sham perpetrated to gloss over Trump’s racist and bigoted attacks against the Latino community. But we will not be fooled by his two-faced attitude no matter how hard he tries to reverse his shameful behavior towards communities of color. Trump’s entire campaign was built on prejudice against Latino and immigrant communities, and we will not forget the harm that his dangerous rhetoric has inflicted on all of us.”


“I believe in the power of education and voluntarism, and I owe it all to my mother, who was a single parent and didn’t make it to high school herself. Because of her, and the opportunities opened up to me through DACA, I now proudly serve my community though various democratic organizations including a previous Congressional internship with Rep. Jackson Lee. We must keep fighting to keep and expand DACA for those who are still in the shadows and don’t yet have the opportunity to contribute to society.”